My Story

" I have always had a passion for creating my own products, this desire started at a young age. One of the first book I got as a child was on how to make your own cosmetics, from natural cleaning products to lip balms I find it all so fascinating.

I was introduced to perfume at a young age by my mother and I instantly fell in love. When I got my first job I started my collection, wearing multiple perfumes at once to create my "own" scent. Once I learned how to make my own perfumes it was a match made in heaven.

I have always had a passion to find a healthy alternative, if I can not find one, I will make one. When I researched what was in the perfumes I was using, I was shocked. Not only are they packed full of harsh chemicals but they test them on animals! Immediately I switched to using all natural body sprays. The problem was they did not have the longevity I was looking for. With determination to find a solution and extensive research I created my own line, Shylo Victoria Fragrance. Long lasting perfume's and cologne's that are paraben, phthalate and cruelty free. 

This caught peoples attention and they wanted some for themselves. I am born and raised in Calgary Alberta from a family filled with strong, independent business owners. I wanted to share my creation with the world and be able to donated 10% of proceeds to helping others. This is where the journey began.

To make my dream into reality  They have taught me so much about the importance of business acumen, creativity and customer service. My father taught me the value of working hard and to always put quality first.

I will always be unconditionally grateful to all of my friends and family who have been so supportive and motivational. As well as a huge thank you to all of my customers that have made this possible."

Shylo Victoria, Canadian Perfume Designer.

Questions & Purchasing

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